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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unexpected help

A surprisingly good day at the dam today. What started as a relatively slow day turned into a great and somewhat chaotic day. The salmon migration is pretty much over now as they were seen spawning directly in the dam pool and directly below the fenced area. As a result, very few fish had advanced into the pool overnight which, combined with the clear water, makes capturing these torpedoes extremely challenging for the netters.
But not to despair.
A large group of volunteers representing the Oprah Million Dollar Neighbourhood arrived with camera crew in tow to assist Team Chinook. We ended up with every available net in the water! At first it was total chaos, but under the able guidance, supervision and training of Team Chinook members, a surprisingly large number of fish were transferred.
It was quite a spectacle to witness this "chorus line" of netters work in unison to drive the fish into a corner always coming up with at least one or two or more fish and then work its way back to the bottom of the pool to capture more.
Many thanks to the Oprah team for making this a successful day!
I believe the new total is now 5440! Awesome job everyone!

What a team!

Keep trying!

Way to go Big Guy!

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