Thursday, September 13, 2012

slow start ...great finish!

I'm falling behind on my blog entries so I'll give all a quick update on what's been happening the last few days.
After a late start to the day we finished strong for a grand total of 3141 fish! Kudos again to all the volunteers who helped turn a slow and late starting day into another great success! It's wonderful to see the young folk participate in this project. I'm sure it is a wonderful experience they will never forget.

Of course I must mention the new daily record that was achieved on Tuesday: 305 Fish! Awesome work!

Thanks also to the senior contingent who do the 'grunt' work behind the scenes, filling and placing sandbags and doing fence repairs and modifications.
The extra sandbags used to narrow the East channel has worked to increase the flow enabling the salmon to proceed upstream. The sandbags placed at the West base of the dam also worked well to entice the fish to move toward the East section of the pool. The additional layer of fencing along the West fence has worked well to keep the fish away from the West portion of the pool.
Who knew that we would have had this many fish transferred at this early date? And they're still coming!
I applaud you all for a job well done!
The expression on the faces of these youngsters says it all doesn't it?

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