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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The celebration

What an exciting and rewarding time this last six weeks has been. Exhausting and at times, bruising! I'm so impressed with the response and participation of the citizens of Clarington to this most worthy endeavour. Out of towners as well came to participate. A young man from down town Toronto made the trek in the early days of the project. A couple of anglers from Brampton who were here for the great fishing in the creek set aside their gear to assist when they saw what was going on! Amazing!
But for me, the most gratifying thing was the people I met and worked with. What a dedicated and enthusiastic group! And I thank you all for the kind birthday wishes! I am deeply touched! Here's a slide show of the celebration for which I am grateful to daughter Shera for giving me a break from the camera and allowing me to enjoy the celebration.

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