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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting closer to 5000

A very productive day at  the dam. The overall total is now an astonishing 4,458!! A very successful transfer. We had some light rain for awhile which piqued the energy level of the fish considerably. The water temperature has been dropping for the last while due to the cool evenings which also contributed to the increased activity of the salmon, and they are still moving upstream in fairly large numbers. I'll let the images tell how wild and crazy these fish were today.
There was an excellent turnout in the number of volunteers willing to brave the cooler weather and colder water. Thanks to all for your efforts once again!
Thanks to Algoma Orchards for the generous donation of apples for the hard working volunteers, a welcome and tasty gesture! And thanks again Debbie Jensen for the delicious muffins!

This one got away

Hang on John!

Catch me if you can!

Our fearless leader?

Look at those incisors!

Too much to handle?

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