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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chinook Insanity!!

A crazy day at the transfer site today! The huge number of gigantic fish were lifted and these Chinooks were so energetic and acrobatic. Most of us are tired out and bruised from handling these monstrous fish!
Special thanks to Debbie Jensen for providing delicious muffins to the mostly spent volunteers. A greatly appreciated and much needed energy boost!
As usual, more preliminary work was done by the volunteers in preparation for the day's lift. Fencing arrangements were modified to enable a more efficient method to corral the fish. The original fishway was blocked to reduce the flow on the West side of the pool and more sandbagging was done on the East side to increase the flow there.

Hey! That fisway is for fish only!

Hang on Dave!

How to live release

It's crazy out there!

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