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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Team Chinook winds down

Not much to report today. We were a little late getting started as Dave was busy doing another on site stream side presentation to a group of enthusiastic public school students aided by John Goy who was deftly netting the fish for the "show". Good work Dave and John! It's great to demonstrate to these kids what a fantastic natural asset we have in our community. I had to leave early so I only have a couple of pics to post. One of these, a shot of, who else, our fearless leader, who can't resist a photo-op with a beautiful brown trout! The team put a few fish over before I left but it was slow going as the water was clear and the number of fish low. Looks like the the run is winding down.

This is not my last post on this extremely invaluable endeavour as I will be posting some final comments and more pics before the end of the week and don't forget the Team Chinook BBQ on Saturday.
Please stay tuned.

This little critter crossed the pathway as we walked to the transfer site.

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  1. Love the bunny. The team caught another brown later and I got a picture of Dave with it. It was great. I think they closed up early as fish were just to fast.


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