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Friday, September 21, 2012

Almost there!

A good turnout of volunteers for another great day at the dam on Friday! 342 fish were transferred for a grand total of 4800! Included in this total were a great number of coho and one beautiful brown which weighed an estimated 10-12 pounds! Also we saw a little 10 inch stream brown and of all things a pike was swimming in the mix!
Looks like we will break the 5000 mark on Monday!
For the second day in a row a group of public school students took time out from the classroom to go streamside while Dave Lawson explained the Chinook facts of life to these wide-eyed observers, with live salmon. These demonstrations have been a huge success as local schools are requesting for more of these educational 'worksops'.

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  1. You do not have a message post on your site so I guess this goes public. I love all the pictures of on the Bowmanville fishway. I check it out every day. Just love it. Were can the public and fisher men make donations to such a worthy cause. I would have love it if you could have tagged some of the kids names and some of the brave volunteers that got into the cold water.
    I want to check out some of your other post. I love the ones I have seen on the squirrels and the hummingbirds. I have humming bird feeders out from the first of May until the middle of September. I love to watch them. I had a really big hummer come in last year. It was about the size of a sparrow.
    We had a flock of cedar wax wings come in and hit the apple tree and then the cherry tree. I bet there must have been about two hundred this spring. It was fantastic to see.
    Betty Lawson


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